Gluten Free Ingredients Organic Tapioca Starch 5kg

Gluten Free Ingredients Organic Tapioca Starch 5kg


Organic Tapioca Starch Gluten Free Ingredients 5kg

ingredients:organic tapioca starch

information:Tapioca flour is made from the cassava plant. It is a mildy sweet, rich in starch white flour. Gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian. It is usually used as a thickener in fruit fillings and glazes or to make puddings and desserts. Can also be used in baking and combined with other flours.

  • No chemical bleaching
  • No alcohol treatment
  • No additives
  • No anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agents
  • No bromate added.

origin:imported product

sizes: 3kg, 5kg



Tapioca starch: starch extracted  from Manioc

                             A cassava (manilot esculenta)

                            Starch is called Tapioca


Arrowroot starch: starch extracted from

                                  Maranta arundinacea rootstock        

                                  The rhizomes contain  over 203% pure starch



NOTE: arrowroot is often labelled as tapioca but they are completely different plants