Making Hazelnut Butter...

Making Hazelnut Butter...



Making Hazelnut Butter... or almond butter

Making nut butters is one of the easiest things ever.
Today, it's hazelnut. / almond
Spread as many as you like on a cookie sheet and bake in a 175 C oven for about 7-8 minutes.
I used about 2 cups
I rubbed the hazelnuts /almonds after they were toasted in a tea towel to remove a bit of the skin.

Throw them in the food processor and whiz.
This is after about 30 seconds.

After about two minutes, they will start to get creamy.
I had to stop the machine and scrape the sides down twice in the 5 minutes it took to make this.
If you use raw nuts - which you can, it may take about 15 minutes or more, and a lot of scraping down.
The slight toasting of the nuts really speeds this up.
After maybe 5 minutes...